Do you trust brands' sustainability:Just one fifth of shoppers trust

October 07, 2020

Do you trust brands' sustainability:Just one fifth of shoppers trust

Based on a survey of 1,250 consumers in the UK, Consumer Trust in Sustainability.

A massive 83 percent of consumers would be more likely to trust the sustainability credentials of a product if it had been verified by a third party - an indicator that the role of supply chain data in increasing consumer confidence on the authenticity of product claims should not be understated.While over half of UK consumers (53 percent) believe brands have the power to change the garment industry for the better, just one fifth trust the sustainability claims made by brands.

The report also highlighted the need for better consumer education about exactly what makes a product sustainable. For example, nearly three quarters (72 percent) understand ‘sustainable’ products are those coming from sustainable sources, but perhaps don’t understand that these sources can often be more energy and water intensive across their lifecycle.

Additionally, the report found a need for better education surrounding the social elements involved in sustainability. For example, just 22 percent of shoppers associated sustainability with a brand paying workers a living wage, highlighting the need to introduce new standards.

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