Clean Jeans

July 06, 2016

You know what I'm referring to - the moment when you see them, tucked away at the bottom of your suitcase. It's towards the end of your travels and you've been rained on, assaulted by smog and dust, had your hair and apparel infused with smoke from eateries and bars where even if they have no-smoking laws, they don't abide by them. You've been traveling through subways, sitting and posing on 100-year old (dirt included) monuments, fountains and / or trees and boulders. Maybe you've even been hiking and exploring, and you're lucky if your clothing options include any article that has been worn only once. They were held in reserve for emergencies. You know, if something came up and you need to look and smell presentable. But it's the end of the trip and voila! There they are: We wants the precious, we does! Maybe you even keep yours under glass with a small mallet with which to retrieve them. Or you had forgotten, they were the spare in your carry-on bag. Either way, you know the feeling and when you lift them out in all their stiff, clean, pristine glory, you can imagine the clouds parting and heavenly voices singing in exultation. I wore mine today and I could swear they propelled me at a more energetic pace. Here's wishing you clean jeans and every good thing.

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