Staying Stylish in Uncertain Times

August 21, 2020

Staying Stylish in Uncertain Times

Casual Chic Has Found Itself in a Pandemic

Are you looking to know more about casual-chic style? In this article we will share some tips and suggestions with you. Some chic looks may mix a dressy element such as tailored slacks, or a feminine blouse with an informal leather jacket or a pair of jeans. Nowadays, technology has made things easier as you can find every type of fashion on the internet with literally dozens of options.

Casual Style

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Start With the Basics
To start, you should stock your closet with a pair of skinny jeans that are well-fitted and  cotton blend. Next, stock up on some T-shirts of various colors, black leggings, and white button-down shirt. Each one of the casuals is enough for building the basics and is pulled together. Be sure to to pay attention to the tailoring, fit, and quality of the pieces. It's smart to invest carefully and in well-made core pieces as these will get the most wear over time.

Add Shoes and Accessories
After picking and sorting your casual chic wardrobe essentials, other must-have accessories need to be incorporated. These pieces are supposed to lean neutral so that they can ideally work into you wardrobe.
Next on the checklist is the ideal relaxed outfit that goes from humdrum to fashionable-chic with the right accessories. Hoop earring are a must-have (silver and gold tone) and a classic leather satchel are good ideas for looks and both are sophisticated for the casual look.

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  • Belt. Keep it simple with brown or black leather, and golden (or antique gold) buckle.
  • Shoes. You need enough options to select the right footwear that dresses an outfit up or down. You will be set with a paid of booties, white sneakers, chic loafers, strappy heels, and neutral pumps.
  • Sunglasses. It's supposed to be classic here as well. Get aviators, oversized pairs, and cat-eye. You will be set for shopping trips, tennis matches or trips abroad.
  • Jewelry. Do you know sleek chic pieces are the kings of the casual chic? You can opt for delicate chain necklaces, bangles, hoops, and a mix of earthy stones and metals. Jewelry wardrobes are a really important part of your overall look so choose pieces you love and expand your creativity into what makes your style uniquely yours.
  • Hats. For the hat, casual dressing is important to consider. You can try out a baseball cap, beret, Panama hat, and newsboy. Festival hats are all the rage - they can be had inexpensively and are a cute addition.

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Strategic Add-ons
Play around with a variety of different layers. You will find that a simple tank or tee goes from plain casual chic with the addition of the vest, cardigan, and blazer. Consider a pair of dark leggings or layers with a  military jacket stylish over the T-shirt. Jeans are also great to punch up any look.

You need to wear the right style to fit your personality and image… If you decide to look casual, the makeup you apply also needs to be casual as well. Same with hairstyles. The good thing with the casual-chic, there is no need to spend hours on a hairstyle.

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Incorporate a Trend
Don’t forget to incorporate seasonal elements of color blocking and the texture of your fabrics. It can be straightforward and look simple.
The above details are important for a casual chic. The casual-chic style can just be found within your closet. What you need is just having a keen eye for matching various clothes and being able to appropriately accessorize. If you have been struggling for the right outfit, hopefully post has helped you to answer all your questions.

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