Sustainable Fashion Trends for 2021

March 10, 2021

Sustainable Fashion Trends for 2021

We all are aware very well that happened in 2020: COVID-19 completely changed our way of living and working, shattering countless lives.
\A research by McKinsey revealed “57% of shoppers agreed that they had made significant changes to their lifestyles to lessen their environmental impact.” People are now expecting and demanding more from brands.
The study found that “64% of shoppers decreased their spending on clothing and footwear during the pandemic.”
So, it looks like conscious shoppers will keep pushing brands to produce more eco-friendly and responsible clothing in 2021.

Here are some predictions for sustainable fashion trends in 2021:

1. Support brands that are doing good for people, the planet, and animals.
People are even more motivated to support brands that are doing good for people, the planet, and animals.These days people are even more motivated to support brands that are doing good for people, the planet, and animals. And the demand is expected to grow even more.

2. More Scrutiny:
In 2021, brands will be under even more scrutiny and will need to go beyond surface-level claims to dig down and address critical issues. Conscious collections are not enough, and brands will need to address ethics and sustainability issues at the very heart of their operations. While it used to be acceptable for brands to implement one or two sustainability initiatives, they will need to take a more holistic approach this year and beyond if they want to stay relevant.

3. Shopping Online and Locally:
A survey found that 80% of small business owners say COVID-19 has hurt their businesses last year, and we also saw many small businesses pivot their strategy and go online. With consumers spending 76% more in online shopping than in 2019, going digital was a huge necessity for brands and will keep offering opportunities in 2021. Shopping locally and supporting our communities from home is a trend that will very likely last in 2021 and beyond. In fact, a survey by Nextdoor found 72% of members believe they will frequent local businesses more often after this crisis. People want to support local businesses in person and online.

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4. Repeating Outfits:
COVID-19 forced many of us to stay home last year (and into the new year), which meant less socialising and more Zoom meetings than we can count. As a result, many of us created a “Working From Home” uniform, a selection of outfits on high rotation to work comfortably in while still looking professional on camera. Which also meant wearing the same joggers or yoga pants all week long! Reusing the clothes that are already in our closets is normal, it’s healthy, and it’s also more ethical and more sustainable!

5. Sweatpants-All Day Every Day:
Last year was all about being comfy while we all stayed safely tucked in at home. Loungewear and activewear sales boomed, with demand for loungewear and casualwear surging. And once again, this trend is likely to trickle into 2021.

6. Reselling:
Another big trend that will gain momentum in 2021 is reselling. According to Business of Fashion, “before the pandemic hit, the resale market was on track to double.”

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