Day & Mood Emma Black Wallet

Day & Mood

A spacious wallet with room for plenty of cards and cash. A unique braids ornament the flap, giving the wallet a vintagy vibe.

- 100% soft cowhide
- 2 separate compartments
- Zip and mangetic closure
- Backside zipped pocket

Dimensions: H: 4,5 inches / L: 7,2 inches / D: 1 inches

The DAY&MOOD bags are made from 100% pure cow and buffalohide.


The cowhide is buttery soft and has a sleek surface. The buffalohide is soft as well but slightly more firm with a light structure.


The way we handle our leather is highly focused on limiting the use of unnessecary chemicals. The safety of our staff is one of our main priorities along with our environmental impact.

Buttery Soft


Leather Treatment

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